We stock a wide range of natural food  and treats plus Arden Grange, James Wellbeloved and Harrintons. We have Raw feed, Nutriment and Benyfit Natural in 500g trays and 1.4kg chubbs, plus Frozzys frozen yoghurts.

There is a lovely supply of coats from Urban Pup and coats from Hand Made with Love as well as collars and leads. 

We are strong believers in preventative medicines and supplementary herbal remedies, stocking a vast supply of Dorwest Herbs, Proflax Supplements, Riaflex and homeopathic remedies.

We sell a range of vegan friendly shampoos and Chubbs soap bars from the USA, along with professional grooming products. 

We have just launched our bespoke natural treat boxes tailored to your dogs specific requirements.

We do sell a small amount online in our website shop, pop in and have a look.