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Goldie's Spa Services

With years of experience as an in-demand Dog and Cat Groomer, I know just what your pet needs.  I offer a full and comprehensive range of services.

Canine Hairdresser


My Grooming service allows you to make sure your pet is well taken care of. I offer this for all sizes and breeds requiring breed standard trims & pet trims, hand stripping, puppy packages and welfare grooms. Reserve my time and relax knowing your pet is in the best possible hands. Let them enjoy our hydro-baths, using vegan friendly shampoos tailored to your dogs skin and fur type. We do not use Cabinet dryers.



The Emmi Pet's ultrasound waves are transmitted via each wet toothbrush bristle to the toothpaste, creating millions of mico-bubbles that penetrate deep below the gumline & into the smallest gaps between the teeth and gum pockets. Bacteria, food remains, plaque & 'dog breath' (which is the leading sign of periodental  disease) are removed. it also increases the blood flow to the gums to help heal wounds & stop bleeding. By the age of 2, 80% of dogs will begin to show signs of oral disease. We are not vets and do not de-scale, we are purely helping to  maintain your dogs oral hygiene


CO2 Spa Treatment

Benefits from our spa treatment include,

Clears up Eczema

Aids flea allergies, contact dermatitis & itchy skin

Minimizes doggy odours

Reduces allergic reactions

Creates sleek and glossy coats

Prevents & treats yeast & fungal infections

Speeds up wound healing process

Helps with hot spots, dry skin & insect bites

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Cat Grooming

At Goldie's we have our own quiet grooming room for cats with specific tools and equipment, specifically designed for cats, which help to make the process a lot more relaxing. Cat grooming is normally offered to our clients on a Monday. All cats are bathed using Chubbs bars which I import from America, designed by one of the worlds leading cat groomers, Danelle German who I am currently training with. Regular grooming of cats is just as important as grooming dogs and will help maintain their coats and prevent matting. I offer maintenance grooms, de-sheds, de-matts, lion trims, hygiene trims. I am fully qualified in Feline Health, well-being & first aid. I will hopefully be travelling to Arizona this year to complete my Master Cat Grooming qualification



Pets can go missing anytime of the day or night. Through the use of microchips we enable the quick reunification of missing pets with their owners.

For your peace of mind we are compliant with the DEFRA requirements for compulsory microchipping of dogs, cats and rabbits. Our chips are registered and your detail securely stored with Avid PLC. We can use either the standard microchips or the mini microchips. Breeders can register for free transfer of ownership on the database.




Goldie's Boutique is on the First floor. We stock a wide range of dried food, Arden Grange, Eden, Harringtons, James Welbelloved to name but a few. We have Raw feed, Nutriment and Benyfit Natural, Raw dried treats, Dorwest herbs, shampoos and grooming supplies. We can take telephone orders and are quite happy to deliver locally.



Goldie's is an iPet approved training centre offering Cat and Dog Grooming courses, Micochip Implanting, Canine emergency First Aid, Feline First Aid and Hand Stripping. All courses are Ofqual regulated. Please refer to our separate headings for further information.

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